Pool Renovations Sarasota

Luxurious Pool Finishes from Krystal Krete, SunStone Pearl and Pebble Tec

From fresh new aesthetics and design features, to rebalanced water chemicals and start up pool, Popa Pools and Spas provides everything you need for your pool renovations in Sarasota.  Whether you simply have not been keeping up with your pool maintenance, have purchased a home with a pool that has been neglected, or just want to give your pool a fresh new and inviting look, Popa Pools has you covered!  Get started today and dive into the possibilities of your pool renovation!

How to Restore a Neglected Pool

Swimming pools that have been left without cleaning, circulation, and chemicals can begin to turn green and even start deteriorating along the pool surfaces.  Depending on the condition of the unattended pool, there are different methods and steps used to properly treat and restore the pool.  From draining your pool and removing waterlines and cap tile, to chipping walls, floors and around all the jets and lights, and much more, Popa Pools and Spas provides all your pool restoration needs to get your pool back to a usable and beautiful state.

pool renovations sarasota

Our Pool Resurfacing and Renovating Includes:

  • Drain pool
  • Remove waterline and cap tile
  • Flash wall beam
  • Chip walls, floor and around all jets and light
  • Remove loose material
  • Acid wash walls and floor
  • Install your choice of new standard waterline, step and cap tile
  • Install new main drain cover(s) and return jet cover(s)
  • Your choice of standard color quartz finish
  • Rebalance water chemicals and start up pool
  • Free inspection of your pool equipment
  • 1 year warranty against delamination
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty on quartz finish

Proudly offering Krystal Krete, SunStone Pearl and Pebble Tec pool finishes.

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