Pool Renovations Punta Gorda

Resurfacing, Redesign, Repair & More!

Start enjoying the luxuries of having a pool again with pool renovations in Punta Gorda by Popa Pools and Spas.  Pool renovations allow you to bring your existing pool back to life with a fresh new aesthetic, design, and even function!  Whether your pool has damage such as cracks, loose material, or a worn down waterline, or you are just  looking to create a more inviting and modern atmosphere, Popa Pools can help.  Get started today and dive into the possibilities of your pool renovation!

pool renovations punta gorda

When is the Best Time to Renovate or Remodel a Pool?

You can renovate your pool at any time of year; however, off-season during the fall or winter months can help the process go much more smoothly. As we all know, Summer months in Florida can bring a lot of rainy days and the occasional hurricane. This weather inconsistency can cause delays in the completion of your project. Choosing to renovate during off-season will allow the process to be completed much more quickly and smoothly.

Our Pool Resurfacing and Renovating Includes:

  • Drain pool
  • Remove waterline and cap tile
  • Flash wall beam
  • Chip walls, floor and around all jets and light
  • Remove loose material
  • Acid wash walls and floor
  • Install your choice of new standard waterline, step and cap tile
  • Install new main drain cover(s) and return jet cover(s)
  • Your choice of standard color quartz finish
  • Rebalance water chemicals and start up pool
  • Free inspection of your pool equipment
  • 1 year warranty against delamination
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty on quartz finish

Proudly offering Krystal Krete, SunStone Pearl and Pebble Tec pool finishes.

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